About Jessie Harrell Fitness

Meet Jessie

Jessie has been a health and fitness professional since obtaining her nursing license in 2008, spending years working at pediatric clinics before transitioning into working with elderly and recovering patients at a nursing home and rehab center, as well as spending some time in home healthcare. Observing the patterns a human body follows as it is molded by lifestyle choices (good and bad), Jessie developed a passion for educating people on how to care for their bodies so that their years may be spent feeling good rather than dodging pain and illness. 

While still practicing nursing in 2011 she obtained her first personal training certification, and went on to certify in multiple other areas including sports and performance nutrition, behavior change specialist, women’s fitness, and more. After working for 3 years at a gym she opened her own business personal training independently in 2014 and has continued to train clients of all walks of life since then.

Jessie has also been a dancer and colorguard director/choreographer since 2006, performing on a national tour, a cruise ship, internationally in Europe, and around the US in front of sold-out arenas and stadium crowds. This has led to her not only gaining a deeper understanding of the body through experiencing and overcoming the challenges of health at an elite level of athleticism (deeply exploring the effects of nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, and more, even when pushing the limits of the body), but also through working with hundreds of performers ranging in age from middle school to early adulthood.

Jessie is passionate about helping others regain their health and break free from the pain and physical limitations we find ourselves in due to our lifestyle choices. She believes life is best lived with enthusiasm and a vivacious enjoyment, and that taking care of ourselves is key to achieving that. She loves supporting others on their journey to working toward that beautiful experience in this one body we are given to experience it in.

When not working with clients or creating educational content, these days you can find Jessie playing tenor drum with the MacMillan Pipe Band, taking a West Coast Swing dance class, making acrylic pour paintings, exploring a new area with her boyfriend, or enjoying some refreshing down time together with their cat in Alexandria, VA.